GCR Diesel Gala 3rd-5th September 2021

37714 will be working services along with the other GCR Diesels and 55019 over the weekend of the Diesel Gala

We will have our sales stand in attendance , with details of our limited edition model and a pre production example of the Accruascale model for you to look at. The model on display will represent a split headcode version but will showcase the stunning level of detail of the Accruascale model.

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With only a couple of weeks to go to the Diesel Gala a quick update on the locos. 37714 We have completed the head change on A4 cylinder, once the old head was off we were able to see the cause of the

Well some good news we are now the Custodians of D6700! After working with the NRM for the last few months the loan agreement was signed on the 11th February which saw D6700 loaned to us initially for